Have a Headache?  Chiropractic Can Help

Ever thought your headache could be helped by chiropractic adjustments?  It can.

Chiropractic was founded on the premise that healing comes from within the body. The body’s innate intelligence becomes blocked when you have a subluxation and subluxations can lead to health issues of all sorts, including headaches.  The release of pressure allows nerve impulses to optimally release back to your head to relieve the pressure and pain of the headache.

Your chiropractor is correcting and restoring the structural subluxations that initially caused the headache.  By adjusting misaligned vertebrae, the chiropractor facilitates optimal functioning of the nerves that lead to the head, thereby alleviating possible pain generators that caused your headache.  The ripple effect of spinal adjustments is the curtailment of nerve, muscular and ligament inflammation. 

Chiropractic identifies the root cause of your pain through spinal evaluation, X-rays and spinal palpitation to identify the subluxation(s). 

Kristi Aker concurs with the chiropractic philosophy.  “I used to get headaches daily until I started chiropractic adjustments.  I rarely get headaches now.  Chiropractic helped a lot.”

If you're in Sarasota or Port Charlotte and have regular headaches then call your Sarasota Chiropractors and Port Charlotte Chiropractors, Aker Chiropractic.