sarasota chiropractor dr. rocky aker


All my life, I thought my lower back pain was caused by my excess weight.  After only three weeks of chiropractic care from Dr. Rocky Aker, my lower back was almost pain-free!  I continue to work on my weight issue but it was a huge relief to be rid of my bothersome lower back pain even while I'm still carrying extra pounds.  Thank you, Dr. Rocky!  Chiropractic works in wondrous ways!

P.S. from Dr. Rocky: I estimate that out of every10 patients that I have had that lost a modest amount, only 1 in 10 noticed relief from back pain due to losing weight.  A collective treatment program of weight loss and chiropractic care for spinal alignment restoration can facilitate relief from lower back pain. 


“I had chronic, constant sinus drip and sneezing.  I tried medications and nasal sprays and they made me drowsy and only gave me temporary relief.  Since coming here, I’m 90% better.  Dr. Aker is competent.  He knows what he’s doing, is easy to talk to and honest about what to expect.” 

~Fran Meyer


“After 11 years of intense back pain, I finally found someone who knew what was wrong and could treat it.  Dr. Rocky has my sincere thanks and gratitude for making me feel normal again.” 

~Karen Knieriem, L.M.T.